100 Days Ventures

DeFi Autostaking Protocol Powering a True Business Launchpad

About 100 Days Ventures: We are taking rebasing mechanics and innovating on top of it to build an ecosystem that resurrects and builds businesses to bring the highest profitability to its investors through utility.

Who we are

100 Days is a passive income generating DeFi ecosystem fueled by the $ASTRO token. With $ASTRO, our investors will be able to enjoy the user-friendly features of auto-staking, a mechanic built into the token’s smart contract with the purpose of simplicity.

Get the Latest on Partnerships with 100 Days Ventures

We are extremely excited about our partnership the amazing team at Sphere.finance. In this video we walk you through the evolution of crypto DEXs, from the first ever DEX Ether Delta to the recently launched ve(3,3) DEX Dystopia on Polygon, with Cone on BSC soon to follow.

We're honored to partner with Little Orbit on Web 3.0

We’re extremely excited about our first partnership with Little Orbit and their upcoming Web 3.0 game title,
“Ships That Fight Underground” (S.T.F.U.). Watch the AMA to learn more about what’s to come.